Pannon Cup




Meteora Mászócsapat


Szentendrei út 89-95. Within the PP Center hal number 53, Budapest 1033


February 25, 2018


ROOKIE (beginners) * OPEN
* The rookie category is suggested for contestants, who have not been able to climb 6c+/7a or higher grade in the last year or who does not have a competition license.
Only contestants over 14 are allowed to participate in the competition.
The organiser reserves the right to give a wild card to climbers under 14 in special cases.

competition rules:

The qualification will be arranged in ‘after work’ format with 3 hours to climb the 30 routes. The routes will be set in 4 difficulty levels: very easy (50 points), easy (100 points), medium (500 points) and hard (1000 points). The points for each route will be divided by the number of the ascents. Extra points (30% of the final score of the route) can be earned with every flashes (route successfully completed on the first attempt).
A final round will be arranged for the top 6 climbers of the open category. This will be arranged in IFSC ‘Final round’ format with 4 routes and 4 minutes/route.
In case of equality of points among the top 6 climbers of the rookie category, a hanging contest will be arranged.


[items_list type=’simple’]
[item icon=’small_arrow right_white’]pre-registration (01.19-02.09. 23:59): 3.100 HUF or 12 €[/item]
[item icon=’small_arrow right_blank’](includes entry-fee and start pack.)[/item]
[item icon=’small_arrow right_white’]on-site entry: 4.000 Ft vagy 13 €[/item]
[item icon=’small_arrow right_blank’](includes entry-fee)[/item]
You can complete your entry after registering on the Entries menu item on:


conditions of registration:

For accepted pre-registration a valid, completed online registration and transferred entry fee is necessary. The pre-registration is only valid upon the fulfilment of both conditions!
The entry fee is to be transferred to the Meteora Climbing Team for account number HU14 1091 8001 0000 0019 4392 0002 (SWIFT (BIC): BACXHUHB) at Unicredit Bank. Important: In the notice box, please enter „entry fee” and the category where you want to start. If the contestant is not the account holder from which the money is transferred, please include the name of the contestant as well! (for example: entry fee, István Kiss, rookie)
Please complete your registration before the end of pre-registration! (02.09. 23:59).
The entry fee must either arrive at the Meteora Climbing Team’s current account or be paid by cash at Monkey Boulder’s reception before the deadline of the pre-registration.


08:00-09:00 registration
09:05-09:30 clarification of the rules, presentation of the routes, grouping
09:30-12:30 Group 1 climbing
12:40-15:40 Group 2 climbing
(15:50-18:50 Group 3 climbing – Only if the first two groups are full.)
15:45-16:30 Construction of the routes of the final round, isolation (in case of 3 groups 18:55-19:40)
16:40-18:40 Final (in case of 3 groups 19:50-21:50)
18:50-19:10 summerizing the results (in case of 3 groups 22:00-22:20)
19:20-19:45 result announcement (in case of 3 groups 22:30-22:55)
Maximum number of contestants 180 person.
Maximum 60 contestants per group.
(We reserve the right to change the program of the tournament!)


For each category the top 6 contestants will receive a certificate and the top 3 contestants will get a medal and a prize.

other informations:

Head manager: Gergely Torma, 06-20/2752486, nevezes(at)monkeyboulder(pont)hu

Please note that climbing (according to the law) is considered extreme sport, so TB (Social Health Insurance) does not cover any injuries as result of the competition. The organizers do not sign a separate insurance for competitors for the duration of the competition!
Photographs and videos will be taken at the event. By attending the event, participants agree to grant the the organiser the right to record them on photos or videos.


(We kindly ask all contestants to preregister for the competition. This will ease the work of the organizers.)